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Blocker / Mover Basketball Offense ( Videos )

Blocker / Mover Offense:
The Blocker Mover Offense made its way to basketball  (external link) courts when Dick Bennett developed and started using it for his offensive game plan with his teams at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and again at Washington State University.

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The Pros and Cons of Virginia's Blocker-Mover Offense

In a basketball world that has put a premium on spacing and ball screens, Tony Bennett has stayed traditional with his father's Blocker-Mover offense.

Parts of the offense still hold up extremely well in today's game. The Portland Trail Blazers have actually run different variations of it in recent years. But other parts don't hold up nearly as well and this video explores how the Trail Blazers have innovated while Virginia has largely stayed traditional.

Fast forward to present time, Dick’s son, Tony Bennett, head men’s basketball coach at the University of Virginia, has used it for the base of his offense as well; and it has led his team to a successful style of play. Because of the success at Virginia, the Blocker Mover offense has received a lot of attention.

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Set Plays and Drills for the Mover-Blocker Offense by Tom Jicha

with Tom Jicha, former Miami Sunset (FL) Head Coach; 6 regional playoff appearances. Building on his initial video on the Mover-Blocker offense, Tom Jicha focuses on set plays and basic drills and skills. Coach Jicha provides 12 different set plays that can be incorporated when the defense starts to figure out the offense.__

What is the Blocker Mover Offense? It’s a motion offense that consists of players filling specific roles that involves extensive screening and cutting with players reading the defense and making moves accordingly. Essentially, Blockers are primarily screeners and Movers are cutters who are using Blockers to find weak spots in the defense.

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Tony Bennett's Virginia Mover-Blocker Offense

In this article, we’re going to take a deeper dive in the roles of Blockers, Movers, and how they work together to create high percentage opportunities on the offensive end. By the time you finish this article you’ll know the strengths and weaknesses to implementing this offense and tools to learn more if you believe this is the perfect fit for your team. [2]


181019 ~ " Blocker/ Mover Offense " by Coach Brad Winters

The Article: " Blocker/ Mover Offense " by Coach Brad Winters at Basketball Coaching- In Search of Excellence (external link) [3]
Coach Brad Winters

[1] Basketball  (external link)
[2] Blocker Mover Offense Guide  (external link)
[3] Basketball Coaching- In Search of Excellence (external link)

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