Basketball Statistics Questions: Last FT 2 Seconds To Go, 2 Points Ahead...
& Basketball Statistics Video Case Study


Basketball Statistics Questions: Last FT 2 Seconds To Go, 2 Points Ahead...
& Basketball Statistics Video Case Study

Basketball Tracking Stats Referred Questions:
• 2 Seconds To Go, 2 Points Ahead and Last Free Throw

Basketball Registering Stats Referred Questions
...A well known game situation: 2 seconds to go, 2 points ahead and last free throw. The player intentionally misses the free-throw according with the indications from the bench to avoid a complete 2 seconds possession for the opponent. He succeed and they win the game. Can this action be registered in such way that we don't "punish" the shooter's Evaluation Metrics with a -1 because of the missed free
throw ?

What is the Statistics Tracking Rule according to the eBA Basketball Statistics System Book ? ...

eBA Basketball Statistical Tracking=
If you are performing the analysis by means of video, and you are not sure about those "bench indications". you have no alternative and must register the missed free-throw.

The decibel level at Rupp Arena reached epic levels with Nick Calathes at the free throw line with less than a second remaining.
Photograph: from Ed Reinke in ESPN

If you were present at this game, and you heard or saw clearly the coach's indications, you may use the "Team Player" option to register the missed throw, registering this action in the "play-by-play" report.

All the terms in this answer are explained widely at The eBA Basketball System Book and in eBA Clinic ONLINE.

This topic is resumed in the eBA Basketball Statistics Analysis Encyclopedia
at the eBA Basketball Statistics System Book

• About a Traveling Turnover, a 8/10 Seconds Backcourt Violation & Pts Scored in the Wrong Basket

Basketball Tracking Stats Referred Questions
"... A1 jumps and shoots, but B1 taps the ball and is still in A1 ones hand. A1 returns with ball that never left his hand.

Is this jump ball, traveling, or a block shoot? B1 just barely tap the ball in the shooters hand.

And what is the statistician rule according to the eBA Basketball Statistics Analysis System ..."

eBA Basketball Statistics Tracking:
If B1 prevents A1 from releasing the ball, it's a held ball, with the statistical record according the alternating possession rule.

If A1 chooses not to release the ball, it's traveling, recording a forced turnover against A1 and a forced steal in favour to B1, the player deflecting, or team player, depending upon the situation.

Jasmine Hassell #12 of the East Team has her shot blocked by Christina Marinacci #00 and Tierra Ruffin-Pratt #4 of the West Team
Photograph: zimbio.com

"... The 8 / 10 seconds time limit rule violation is a PERSONAL or TEAM turnover ? FORCED or
By the way, all the basketball leagues have this rule ? Any difference ? ..."

eBA Basketball Statistics Tracking:
The 8/10 seconds backcourt violation is generally a TEAM TURNOVER, being FORCED or UNFORCED depending upon the opponent's action: if it is as result of an all or half court press defense (FORCED) or a defender's error (UNFORCED).

"... To whom are credited the points scored in the wrong basket ?
To any player ? To the opponent captain ? And what the stats rule ? Turnover ? ..."

Points scored in the wrong basket are never credited to a player, but are credited to the team in a footnote. Points awarded for basket interference or goaltending by the defense are credited to the shooter. When a live ball goes in the basket, the last player who touched the ball causes it to go there ( from the Instructions & Rules Coverage - Scoring 9. ).

See in our forums the 'turnovers tracking' topics and the exposition "Basketball Turnovers Tracking & Analysis" at eBA ONLINE.

All the terms in this post are widely explained at The eBA Basketball Encyclopedia.

This topic is resumed in the eBA Basketball Statistics System Book

By Professor

Video Case Study:
Basketball Passing: Scottie Pippen passes to referee on FB... TO classification: F, UF or T TO ?

Pat Summitt and Coachtube

Scottie Pippen passes to referee on FB... TO classification: F, UF or T TO ?

"... Scottie Pippen passes to referee on a Fast Break... What is the TO classification: a Forced, an Unforced or a Technical TO ?

How the eBA Basketball Statistics System analyze this situation ? ..."

Examine this Case Sudy in this Message from the eBA sketball Statistics Forums

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