Forecasting NBA Basketball Playoff Outcomes Using the Weighted Likelihood
by Feifang Hu & James V Zidek ~ in our From the Archives Press & Video Clippings


Forecasting NBA Basketball Playoff Outcomes Using the Weighted Likelihood
by Feifang Hu & James V Zidek ~ in our From the Archives Press & Video Clippings

From the Archives Press Clippings:
Forecasting NBA Basketball Playoff Outcomes Using the Weighted Likelihood
By Feifang Hu & James V Zidek

Basketball Statistician's Friday Press Clippings
From Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
By Feifang Hu & James V Zidek
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Forecasting NBA Basketball Playoff Outcomes Using the Weighted Likelihood
by Feifang Hu & James V Zidek

"... Predicting the outcome of a future game between two sports teams poses a challenging problem of interest to statistical scientists as well as the general public. To be effective such prediction must exploit special contextual features of the game. In this paper, we confront such features and address the need to:

(i) use all relevant sample information;
(ii) reflect the home game advantage.

To do so we use the weighted likelihood. Finally we demonstrate the value of the method by showing how it could have been used to predict the 96/97 NBA playoff results. Our weighted likelihood-based method proves to be quite accurate. ..."

"... This paper demonstrates the use of the weighted likelihood (WL) to predict the winner of National Basketball Association (NBA) final games and applies the method in each of the games played in the 1996-97 finals between the two top ranked teams, the Chicago Bulls and the Utah Jazz. However, as we try to indicate, the WL has much wider applicability inside as well outside the domain of sports.way dunker created by a teammate’s steal, offensive rebound, and or perfect outlet pass? ..."

"... The genesis of our work lies in two statistical problems encountered in sports:
(i) the prediction of the outcome of a future game between two specified sports teams;
(ii) the assessment of the accuracy of this prediction.

Since typically these two teams will not have met more than just a few times in the given season, little direct information will be available to the forecaster. The consequent small sample size will make naive predictions inaccurate and the associated prediction intervals excessively large. ..."

1996-97 Chicago Bulls Championship: #1 ~ Randy Brown: #30 ~ Jud Buechler; #35 ~ Jason Caffey; #18 ~ Bison Dele; #9 ~ Ron Harper; #23 ~ Michael Jordan; #25 ~ Steve Kerr; #7 ~ Toni Kukoc; #13 ~ Luc Longley; #00 ~ Robert Parish; #33 ~ Scottie Pippen; #91 ~ Dennis Rodman; #8 ~ Dickey Simpkins; #6 ~ Matt Steigenga, #34 	Bill Wennington In this photograph from Operation Sports presented by eBA Stats Basketball Statistics Analysis .
Photograph: Operation Sports

"... Usually in sports, the outcome of any one game derives from the combined efforts of two teams that have seldom played each other before. Yet these games yield the only direct sample information available about the relative strength of these two teams.

At the same time, each of these teams will have played many games against other teams thereby generating relevant (although not direct) sample information. The predictive probability of a win in the next game between these two teams, should combine both kinds of information ..."

"... Based on the probabilities and the confidence intervals of Table 1, we can find the probabilities with which the Bulls (and Jazz) will win the Final by Game 4, 5, 6 or 7.

Also we can calculate the total win probabilities for the Bulls against the Jazz based on its home and away win probabilities given by each of the three estimation methods.
Confidence intervals for these win probabilities may be obtained as well.

In Table 2 where the results are reported, and in the tables that follow, that interval is obtained for any pair of teams say A and B from the 95% asymptotic intervals for A’s home- and A’s away-win-against-B probabilities.. ..."

"... The method in this paper provides guidelines for the development of a prediction strategy. Its implementation, more specifically the construction of weights entails the incorporation of any special features that may obtain when the game is played.

For example, one might need to incorporate the knowledge that certain key players cannot play in that game."

To be more precise, we fitted a logistic model using the software R with the response variable being 1 or 0 according as the outcome of any game during the season was a visitor or home victory. We used dummy variables to represent visitor and home teams in each game throughout the season.

Thus for example, BullsV=1 and Super-sonics=1, all other dummies being 0, would mean those two teams were playing for that particular game, the visitors being the Bulls. For each of the factors, ‘visitor’ and ‘home’ we represented by the dummies in this way, we arbitrarily chose the 76er’s as the baseline team.

Thus, in effect, the fitted intercept, suitably transformed, provides an estimate of the likelihood of a ‘1’ in the purely hypothetical situation where the 76er’s played themselves at home as the visitors.

The coefficients for the remaining dummies represent the deviations from the 76er’s performance for each of the other teams depending on whether they were playing at home or awa ..." Read more ...

Read more articles in Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

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Va' pensiero Riccardo Muti speaking about Italian culture, Opera di Roma

Va' pensiero Riccardo Muti speaking about Italian culture, Opera di Roma

Muti said : yes, viva Italia... But, as we are in house, quite at home, let us speak together.
"Va pensiero", in old days, was a political symbol. I'm not a politician but I can say that if our culture goes on being slain, our Italia will be "si bella e perduta". So, as the choir has beautifully sung it, we should join them to sing another time "Va, pensiero !"

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