About the Available Rebounds and the Basketball Rebound Percentage
& the Basketball Training Video in our Sunday's Reflexions on Basketball Statistics


About the Available Rebounds and the Basketball Rebound Percentage
& the Basketball Training Video in our Sunday's Reflexions on Basketball Statistics

Sunday's Reflexions on Basketball Statistics:
About the Available Rebounds and the Basketball Rebound Percentage

Basketball Statistician's Sunday's Reflexions
In the case that a team does miss a shot, it can prolong its possession and give itself an additional chance to score by rebounding its own misses.

Team rebounds per game, team offensive rebounds per game, etc, are not a worthwhile stat, that a statistical myth:

Oreb% = Offensive Rebs / (Offensive Rebs + Opponent's Defensive Rebs)

In this way, we only measure how many rebounds a team catches based on what's available.

For example, if you use "team offensive rebounds per game," a team that shoots 30% is probably going to catch a lot of offensive rebounds, whether they're a good rebounding team or not.

If you use Oreb%, you're looking at a ratio of how many rebounds a team grabbed compared to how many were available.

Rebound percentage: The percentage of all available rebounds that a player or team catches, often fails into offensive rebound percentage and defensive rebound percentage.

This is a better measure of rebounding physical ability than rebound rate because it adjusts for game pace, although total rebound percentage is distortioned by the ratio of offensive and defensive rebound opportunities.

Photograph: Vedia PhotoStream

Therefore, a team with a really great defense will have its total rebound rate artificially exaggerated because defensive rebounds are much easier to catch.

Usually, rebound opportunities are estimated for players based on the team's rebound opportunities per minute, but play-by-play data as that used by the eBA System can identify a player's exact opportunities.

Rebound percentage for teams = Reb / ( Reb + OPPReb )

Rebound percentage for players =
( Reb * Min ) / (( TMReb + OPPReb ) / ( TMMin / 5 ))

( Excerpts from my Exposition at the eBA Clinics:
"The Basketball Rebound Analysis and Statistical Tracking" )

Read More at eBA CLINICS ONLINE, search "basketball rebounds" in this blog and consult the eBA Basketball Statistics Creative Analysis System.

This topic is resumed in the eBA Basketball Statistics Analysis System at the eBA System > The Articles

Sunday Basketball Training Videos:
Passing: Jason Kidd Signature Moves: ALL IN ONE‬‏

The Copyrights from this Video Owns to NIKE.com

Passing: Jason Kidd Signature Moves: ALL IN ONE‬‏

Jason Kidd Signature moves: No-Look Pass, Behind-the-Back Pass, Pass of the Glass, Fake and Finish, Alley-oop Pass.

This video is from the NIKE SIGNATURE MOVES SERIES

'Reflexions on Basketball Statistics'
is a Series of Notes edited the First Sunday of Every Month !

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