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Basketball Statistics Referred Concepts:
Basketball Steals Statistical Tracking

Basketball Statistics Analysis Referred Concepts
Kendall Ponder wrote in the Basketball Coaching Forum: "I decided years ago to give the steal to whoever came up with the ball.....

Both the player who tips the ball and the player who was in correct defensive position to come up with the ball made positive plays to get the ball.

I don't split steals but I do give half a steal if a player ties up the ball. It doesn't happen enough to make a difference is a players avg steals per game but it makes sense to me to do it that way....."

Rick Allison answers: "I'm sorry if this may seem offensive, but...the last post (and some other previous) is what I find intriguing and, unfortunately, widely prevalent in the world of Basketball coaching/training (actually, the world in general).

That is, people expressing less than informed opinions in a manner that suggests that they are somehow valid, without providing adequate evidence of what authority or proof supports their assertion. It is closely akin (I believe) to the coaching style of "just do it that way because I said so".

Basketball Steals Statistical Tracking
... Photograph by Doug Benc/Getty Images North America for Zimbio.com

So what are you basing your assertion on? You said, "I really don't like personal interpretation for stats", yet it seems that is what you are doing unless you have access to a different (than NCAA) official statistician' s manual that supports your assertion.

The rationale that we don't give a player a steal if he/she strips a ball and the opponent retains possession is not valid reasoning, because a steal implies a change of possession which did not occur in your rationale example.

I respect your opinion (well-intentioned) , but this is a good example of the kind of influence that fosters the spread of misinformation. We must all strive to be more informed when we make assertions in this way. Re-check your sources and rationale, if possible.

Now, sometimes we base our opinions on what we think is valid information, but later turns out to be otherwise. I've also been a victim of this... we all make mistakes... nothing wrong with that (I believe)...but how you present your assertions is important.

I know this comes off as a "holier than thou" post and some might find it offensive, but I think it is important and needs to be said in this forum. Too often, coaches think that because they have been coaching for many, many years, that assertions they make should not be questioned or that they don't ever have to check the rule book or other sources.

It never hurts to check your assumptions and assertions." Rick Allison from LoneStar Basketball Academy.

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